Ethical Fashion For Everyone Else

DON'T FIT IN - That's what Fit To Me is all about.

Here's what we're not about: fast fashion, big corporations, cookie cutter clothes, and exploitative practices. We don't fit in with normal fashion industry standards. We believe it's our responsibility to make a positive impact on our customers, our workers, and our planet.

Here's how we're making that happen:


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Fit To Me is dedicated to creating apparel that fits; it's in the name! People come in all shapes and sizes, yet most clothing is designed with one body type in mind: not ours. That's what makes Fit To Me

ethical fashion for everyone else. 


Our premiere product, the Masc Fit Tee, is the first of its kind! Designed by trans YouTuber Ty Turner, this shirt is custom-fit to flatter and masculinize AFAB (assigned female at birth) bodies. This is the first of many products we plan to create for people whose body-types are overlooked and needs are unmet by the cookie-cutter fast fashion machine.


The fashion industry is notorious for exploiting workers through child labor, low wages, and harsh work environments. Fit To Me refuses to fall in line with the fast fashion giants, and instead, chooses fair labor. We're proud to partner with a family-owned garment factory located in Texas that currently covers all of our cut-and-sew manufacturing. Additionally, our imported items come from factories that we've vetted to ensure that they meet our fair labor standards.


Our bamboo blend is sustainably sourced, requires very little irrigation, no pesticides, and produces no harmful runoff. The bamboo plant's regenerative properties also help us combat deforestation caused by fast fashion.



All of our cut-and-sew products are made from carefully selected, environmentally friendly fabric. We pride ourselves in taking the time to hand pick high quality, low impact materials that keep our customers and our planet happy.


 Our organic cotton is low impact and made without toxic chemicals. It doesn’t damage the soil, promotes cleaner air, and uses 88% less water and 62% less energy than regular cotton.


We package each item with love: hand wrapped in recycled newsprint paper and shipped in recycled poly-mailers. We strive to use as many recycled materials as possible and are always looking for new ways to utilize and incorporate low-impact alternatives in our packing and shipping!

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